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about  us

My name is Marc Tuminello. I've been in this industry since 1988. I started on a
swimming pool crew doing all phases of construction. This led me to obtaining
my Pool contractors license in the early 90's. Not satisfied with just construction I
graduated from UEI with an AS in Electronics. With that in hand, I started an 18
year carrier with AT&T/Lucent Technologies.


When the housing market began its
rise in the early 2000's I decided to moonlight as a Real Estate agent with Charles
Rutenburg. The success I had in the remodel/rehab side of real estate led me to
becoming a landlord with my own rentals. In 2007 I was laid off from Lucent and took
advantage of a Union program to re-certify in another field. With my experience
from AT&T in Electronics and later AirApliance I acquired My HVAC license.  


I have recently put everything under one company along with a indispensable partner named Brad to provide a "one-stop" shopping experience
for all your home's equipment. If you want your system repaired or replaced we
can get you where you want to be.


I can promise you that only Honesty, Integrity and responsibility will come with Polk Supply.

One of my greatest passions is animals. Back in 2007 after being laid of from Lucent i decided to volunteer at a wildlife rescue center in Auburndale. It was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things I ever did. I'm still there helping any way I can. Please visit there website and help out if you can. Thank you.

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